Since 1944

Farid Hassanein Group is among Egypt’s largest

private sector companies


Laying the foundation in 1944, Mr. Farid Hassanein Starts with a small workshop to provide maintenance for diesel engines, pumps and compressors. In 1976 The company extends it‘s field of interest to become a leading importer for pumps, diesel engines, couplings and compressors. In 1984 a joint venture company was established with ALLWEILER AG making it the first pump manufacturer in the Arabic World, producing 15.000 pump units in 2005. ALFARID for Industrial Development (ALFID) was founded in 2003 to help companies boost their exports in Egypt by increasing local content. Finally in 2004 Faird Hassanein Group was established to oversee the whole operation of the sister companies.

It is considered one of the largest large Egyptian companies in the field of engineering and industrial.

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